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Look, Learn & Explore.

Explore New Zealand's first marine reserve, witness vibrant underwater life, and marvel at Goat Island's beauty.

Glass Bottom Boat exploring the shellows of the Goat Island Marine Reserve.

Explore Goat Island

Located in Leigh, north of Auckland, our Glass Bottom Boat operation provides a fun and educational adventure for guests of all ages. During this 45-minute eco-tour, you will see the fish, fauna, marine life, and birds that thrive in this protected reserve, as well as the mysterious caves and sea-battered rocky cliffs of Goat Island.

Our direct boarding from the beach allows guests to stay dry throughout the entire journey – making it a perfect activity during most of the year.

For our visitors keen to have a closer look at the Reserve’s marine life, we have kayaks and snorkel gear available for hire on the beach. The Kayak & Snorkel Hire operates seasonally during the warmer months.

Glass Bottom Boat Tours.

Reveal nature's wonders beneath.

Embark on an unforgettable journey and explore a haven for marine life.

See our amazing snapper up close to the glass, Goat Island Marine Reserve.

Bioluminescence Night Expidition.

Mesmerising Bioluminescence glowing Beneath.

A night voyage, where the ocean reveals its enchanting allure under the stars

See exciting fish just below you on our glass bottom boat trips.

Coastal Cruises.

Come Explore Leigh's Coastal Splendor

Hidden Beaches, Secluded Harbors, and Majestic Sea Cliffs Await Your Exploration in Leigh

Explore sea cave around the Leigh and Goat Island coast.

School Education Trips

Floating classroom expiditions

Join our Vessel and have a floating class room, view what's around and underneath you.

Enjoy our trips around Goat Island


"This is a must do! Stone and Robin made it good fun and we learned a lot too. We saw sting rays, heaps of snapper and much more."


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