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Snorkel Hire


You’ve seen the fish, now swim with them!


Goat Island NZ’s Snorkel Hire provides visitors with a fish-eye’s view of this magnificent marine reserve. We provide masks, snorkel, fins and wetsuits so you can safely swim above the marine life, fish, reefs and kelp forests – and if you’re lucky, you may even see one of the reserve’s famous snappers! Both snappers are over one metre long and go by the names Monkey Face and Charlie Lip respectively … you’ll know when you see them!


What if I don’t have any snorkelling experience?


It’s okay if you’ve never snorkelled before – but you MUST be able to swim to hire snorkel gear. Our team will ask questions to assess your competence in the water and to see if there are any physical limitations that would prevent you from safely snorkelling in the reserve. We can also provide tutorials for beginners, if booked in advance. Safety equipment is provided at no charge. If you’ve never snorkeled before, click here to book a guided snorkelling tour for beginners.


How can I hire snorkel gear?


Snorkel gear (fins, mask and snorkel) is hired by the hour, and can be booked separately from the other activities, or packaged with a kayak or glass bottom boat tour. Hire gear in advance online, or directly from the beach team.


We occasionally cancel Glass Bottom Boat Tours, Kayak and Snorkel Hires due to poor weather or sea conditions. Remember to check our website the day of your booking for our 9 a.m. daily sailing report.


Look, Learn, Play & Explore!


Look, Learn, Play & Explore!

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Look, Learn, Play & Explore!

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           No Glass Bottom Boat Tours until AUGUST 2017


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