Trips are subject to sea conditions and water clarity– always ring us to confirm that the boat is operating! (09) 422 6334

Looking through the boat's glass
Looking through the boat's glass

A snapper
A snapper

About Us

Boat out for annual service until 1st October 2014

The Glass Bottom Boat, 'Aquador', runs trips at Goat Island Marine Reserve, world renowned for its abundant marine life. It's located 80kms north of Auckland, just outside the small fishing village, Leigh.

Our most popular trip is our 45 minute Around the Island trip. On this trip we show you fish, marine life, reef and caves. A range of bird life can also be seen around Goat Island. All trips have full commentary.
The commentary is educational and informative on all marine creatures during your trip. Each trip is different and unique; you never know what marine life you will see.
Tickets for the Glass Bottom Boat are purchased at the bottom of the stairs as you enter the marine reserve or on the boat,depending on the day.

As you stay dry during the whole trip our trips are a great activity through the winter as well as the summer.

The Glass Bottom Boat is fully surveyed to carry 49 passengers. Our purpose-designed and built 11-metre Glass Bottom Boat gives you the best possible view of the marine life both above and below the water. The two 5-metre long glass panels with seating all around have been specially designed to ensures a good view from all seats. The boat is boarded via an easy access ramp and allows safe and dry embarking and disembarking from the left hand sidebeach of the beach at Goat Island Marine Reserve, where you also get your ticket.

Parking is available in the Department of Conservation (DOC)’s car parks above the main beach, where there are toilets available.

Goat Island Marine Reserve or its proper name: ‘Cape Rodney to Okakari Point Marine Reserve’ was the first marine reserve established in New Zealand in 1975. It protects 547 hectares of sea and shore, spanning from Cape Rodney to Okakari Point, including the waters around Goat Island and 800m from shore. Goat Island Marine Reserve is run by Department of Conservation.

Marine reserves are designated areas of sea and coastline, and are 'no-take' areas. All marine life is protected and it is prohibited to take, kill or collect anything from the beach or water. Take only photos, rubbish and memories. Leave only footprints. Now the marine life has been left to recover and flourish and fish life is back to what it used to be like before the area was fished-out and many varieties can be seen.

Leigh Marine Laboratory at Goat Island Marine Reserve is part of The University of Auckland. Scientists from all around the world come to Leigh Marine Laboratory to study at Goat Island Marine Reserve.